Nutrition is a critical part of the health and development of a countries’ population. Better nutrition is related to improved infant, child and maternal health, stronger immune systems, safer pregnancy and childbirth, lower risk of non-communicable diseases (such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases), and longevity. Healthy children learn better. People with adequate nutrition are more productive and can create opportunities to gradually break the cycles of poverty and hunger which is prominent in Africa and Ghana for the matter.
Malnutrition, in every form presents significant threat to human health. It is for this reason that the nutrition unit of the Birim Central municipal health undertakes the under listed activities to ensure the nutritional status of its populace are safe guided.



    1. Growth monitoring and promotion.
    2. Vitamin A supplementation to children under five years of age.
    3. Early initiation of Breastfeeding.
    4. Celebration of child health promotion.
    5. Celebration of world breastfeeding week.
    6. Nutrition Rehabilitation (CMAM).