Unit Head: Mr Ebenezer Siaw


Health promotion unit is mandated to coordinate all the health promotion interventions in the municipality. Health workers at the various health facilities in the Municipality and the sub municipals are also required to render health promotion and education services aimed at improving health status of the inhabitants across the different settings such as communities, schools and organisations. This is done through Behaviour Change communication (BCC) which is the strategic use of communication to promote positive health outcomes, based on proven theories and models of behaviour change. Health workers render health promotion and education services to the different target audiences at different levels of settings through radio, community information canters, one on one discussions and group meetings etc. To enhance better understanding of health recommended behaviours on the part of audiences, social and behaviour change communication materials are used to encourage individuals to make an informed decisions and practice healthy health behaviours to avoid death and morbidities. The unit also embarks on periodic monitoring and supervision to the facilities and communities to improve on the health status of the people.


  1. Develop health promotion components of health programmes at the district level.
  2. Plan, coordinate and mobilize resources for health promotion programmes and interventions.
  3. Develop, review, mobilize and distribute health promotion materials and monitor their effective use in communities and health facilities.
  4. Initiate and coordinate social and community mobilization or participation for health activities.
  5. Facilitate the strengthening or establishment of community based structures to support health promotion activities..
  6. Initiate and Collaborate with other health professionals for the implementation of screening programmes.
  7. Provide communication support for health programmes or campaigns through various communication channels.
  8. Educate people and patients on prevention of diseases and compliance to treatment.
  9. Collate, analyse and disseminate report on health promotion activities and programmes.
  10. Plan and organize activities that promote healthy lifestyles and practices.
  11. Collaborate and celebrate health annual events such as child health promotion week and TB world day etc.